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  1. Ionic Silver Water

    Ionic Silver Water


    16.9 Oz

    Paying too much for ionic silver? We produce the same ionic silver as the leading brand, but for FAR less!

    Why Ionic Silver is Better Than Colloidal Silver

    Most silver generators make colloidal silver, not silver ions. The body has difficulty processing these large particles, but easily assimilates water soluble (ionic) minerals.

    Silver ions are much smaller than silver colloids, small enough to enter into a cell, and they have a strong positive electrical charge that makes them very bio-active. Colloidal silver has a very weak charge, and may fall out of solution if frozen or exposed to light.

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  2. NutraComplete



    World's Best Health Formula!

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  3. Health Manual

    Health Manual


    Paleo Man Health Manual

    This manual teaches you how to eat and exercise like our ancient ancestors to achieve a long, healthy life. No matter how old you are, no matter how sick and out of shape you are, you CAN get back the health and vitality you were meant to have! It explains why all the “experts” have been wrong, why all the things they told us in the past were based on bad science. “The future of our health, is the diet of the past”. Learn More

  4. NutraGel 8.5 Oz

    NutraGel 8.5 Oz

    8.5 FL Oz.

    World's best aloe gel with emu oil and MSM.

    Promotes Healthy, Younger Looking Skin!

    • Massage on pregnant abdomen for amazing results
    • Use before and after sun tanning for better results
    • Helps control foot and underarm odor
    • Helps relieve insect bites and other skin problems
    • Cuts and scratches love the feel of our healing gel
    • Makes a great personal lubricant!
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