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Company Profile

Jansen Enterprises LLC, DBA HealthWorksUSA and WaterPureUSA has been in business since 1985 and is located in Minnetonka, a suburb of Minneapolis, MN.

My father died of a heart attack when he was only 52. He never missed a day of work in his life and I never saw him with even a simple cold, but heart disease runs in our family. The closer I got to his age (I’m now 57) made me take a long hard look to avoid the same fate.

Stabilized Aloe

My research led me to a new technology called Stabilized Aloe. When medical doctors came to town to speak on this new discovery, I often had dinner with them, and some even stayed in my home. As medical doctors, they were very skeptical that a natural substance could affect so many different health conditions, but after seeing incredible results on themselves and their patients they became believers.

You won’t hear about stabilized aloe in the news or from your doctor because the FDA won’t allow natural products to make health claims. I learned much from these doctors, and now I offer this new technology to you.

Only the Best

From the beginning, I wanted to produce the absolute best products I could. I use only the best American-made ingredients, and sell them at an affordable price. “Experts” in the industry say my products are so good I should charge more, but I wanted to keep prices low to help more people.

You have my personal assurance that all my products are the absolute best – and affordable. I know the best advertising is word-of-mouth. If you like my products, tell others. If you don’t like them, tell me!

Dale “DJ” Jansen, President